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Point & Figure (P&F) charts now available on Android !With this widget on your homescreen (*see how do I add a widget to my homescreen below if you dont know), youre just a click away to check all your favorite Point & Figure charts ...
★★★ CLICK on the widget => update and/or go to the next P&F chart ★★★★★★ DOUBLE CLICK => enter the widget settings ★★★★★★ TRIPLE CLICK => zoom-in + data + news on the stock ★★★
THIS IS A LARGE WIDGET (it would not make sense to have a small widget for P&F charts) =>4x4 cells minimum (4 horizontal - 4 vertical) required by this widget !!!
You can resize the widget to your taste if you have Android 4.0 and above.You can add more than one widget on the same or different homescreens.
★★★ P&F Pattern Alerts ★★★Whenever a common chart pattern has been detected, we will display an "alert" with the name of that pattern near the top of the chart:
P & F BuyP & F SellDouble Top BreakoutDouble Bottom BreakdownTriple Top BreakoutTriple Bottom BreakdownQuadruple Top BreakoutQuadruple Bottom BreakdownAscending Triple Top BreakoutDescending Triple Bottom BreakdownBullish Catapult BreakoutBearish Catapult BreakdownBullish Signal ReversedBearish Signal ReversedBullish Triangle BreakoutBearish Triangle BreakdownLong Tail Down ReversalBull TrapBear TrapSpread Triple TopSpread Triple Bottom BreakdownHigh PoleLow Pole Reversal
★★★ What are Point & Figure charts ??? ★★★
The technique is over 100 years old. "Hoyle" was the first to write about it and showed charts in his 1898 book, The Game in Wall Street. Point & Figure charts consist of columns of Xs and Os that represent filtered price movements. X-Columns represent rising prices and O-Columns represent falling prices.
Each price box represents a specific value that price must reach to warrant an X or an O. Time is not a factor in P&F charting. These charts evolve as prices move. No movement in price means no change in the P&F chart.
In classic 3-box reversal charts, column reversals are further filtered requiring a 3-box minimum to reverse the current column. The 3-box Reversal Method is the most popular P&F charting method.
P&F charts provide a unique look at price action that has several advantages. P&F charts:
- Filter insignificant price movements and noise- Focus on important price movements- Remove the time aspect from the analysis process- Make support/resistance levels much easier to identify- Provide automatic and subjective trendlines
I hope that you’ll enjoy this little widget and that it will save you time going through your favorite P&F charts...
Please get back to me with some feedback,
Charts are coming from STOCKCHARTS - Copyright © 2013 STOCKCHARTS.com. All Rights Reserved.
★★★ It is still under development, so please rate it accordingly ★★★
Please take a few seconds to SHARE the app on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any preferred venue as more downloads = Ill spend more time to develop this widget further!
Thank You.
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★★★ How do I add a widget to my homescreen? ★★★
ON ANDROID 4.0 AND ABOVE : Simply tap the app panel (six squares) in the upper right of your home screen, and select the Widgets tab from top of the screen. From there, select any of the available widgets and long press and drag to where you want it on your home screen. You can then resize it eventually (long click, drop and you should see some blue dots (see the screenshot #3) around the widget. drag them up or down, right or left to resize to your taste.
BEFORE ANDROID 4.0 : Long Click anywhere on your homescreen where you have enough space (4x4 cells minimum for this widget). Select Widgets. Select P&F Charts Widget PRO and drag it (long press) to where you want on your home screen.
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