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Developer: Harshad RJ
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Current version: 1.45, last update: 6 years ago
First release : 21 Jun 2020
App size: 49 Mb
4.4 ( 224 ratings )
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Asteria Coeli for Android is not a planetarium simulator and not a game, but a sky atlas designed analog to a paper atlas for the purpose of looking up sky positions of celestial objects. The primary purpose is for learning about astronomy. The electronic form takes advantage of zooming and selection of features to be displayed or not -- possibilities which are not available to paper.The star chart is plotted on equatorial coordinates centered on a selected object of interest. A star chart can be saved to external memory card for documentation purposes, such as for printing, websites or blogs. For this purpose, a monochrome (white background) display is provided.
Asteria Coeli adds an interactive planisphere view including stars, constellations, sun, moon, planets and comets, plus Sun and Moon information, such as rise & set and ephemerides.
Global 3D surface views are available for solar system planets as is a fully fledged interactive moon calendar, a moon atlas, and sun path plot.
An abundant and partly illustrated astronomy quiz has been added for those eager to learn about astronomy the easy way. To provide some help, the quiz offers two means of assistance, a 50/50 narrow-down or a hint button.
Asteria Coeli is strongly recommended for tablets or phones running Android 3+ with screens larger than 5 inches across.
A support site with further screen snaps is posted at
Free Web Browser Version.
Please be so kind as to report any issues by email. If it can't be fixed - MONEY BACK!
Available Object Categories* Constellations* Stars down to magnitude 6.5* Named stars (subset of Stars)* Nearby stars (subset of Stars)* Bright stars (subset of Stars)* Solar neighborhood* Variable stars* Binary stars* Exoplanets* Messier objects* Caldwell objects* Bright deepsky objects* Solar system planets* Dwarf planets & asteroids* Comets* Hubble objects with images* Meteor shower radiants
Essential Features* Star chart in color or black on white.* Adjustable FOV (swipe up or down).* Tap on a star to identify and center.* Star charts can be saved to external memory.* Toggle display features.* Object data and ephemerides, where applicable.* Rise & set times, azimuth & altitude.* Object descriptions (still authoring more).* Planisphere view with sun/moon data.* Interactive moon atlas* Interactive moon calendar* Interactive Sun path plot* Illustrated astronomy quiz* Download of star and deepsky images* Generates data tables in HTML* Solar System data* Planetary moons data* Habitable zone simulator* Possibly habitable planets* Galilean satellites simulator* Martian satellites* Plutonian satellites* Telescope calculator* Binoculars calculator* Astronomical dashboard.* Bundled help page
BEFORE YOU PURCHASEGalaxy Precident Model SCH-M828C and other 320x480 screens are not supported.Both, large phones and tablets supported, best experience with 7 to 10 inch tablets.Please contact the developer with pre-sales questions, if in doubt.
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