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Have you ever dream about peaceful rural life? Well, we’ve got you the game, which gives you all senses of farmer without leaving your home! drive heavy trucks and tractors, fertilize the soil, harvest the crops and breed cattle and fowl to become the richest farm owner in the whole village! Try Country Farming Simulator 3D – ultimate farming simulator of the year!Manage your own countryside farm! Plant, grow, and harvest crops to sell it on the market! Mate hens of different breeds to get the best procreator! Buy new farming machinery – tractors, trucks, combines and harvesters and test your driving skills maneuvering it to cultivate your fields! Try different types of countryside and agricultural works and choose your favorite one!
Be a stockbreeder and agriculturist at the same time, earn money and become the richest farmer of your land! Fertilize, plant, grow, harvest, and sell crops with this farming simulator in 3D! Experience all the stages an agricultural enterprise – cultivate the soil with ploughing equipment, sow wheat, sitting at the wheel of a sowing tractor and take care of your field to make the wheat, corn or rye grow strong! Breed hens, pigs, sheep, and cows to sell eggs, wool, meat, and milk!
Earn money by selling your harvest and byproducts of cattle breeding. Buy new fields to expand your farm land and build new henhouses, sheepfolds, cowsheds and piggeries to improve your farm. Try new farming vehicles - tractors, harvesters, and trucks! Try yourself as a real farmer just without getting your hands dirty! Become an expert in ploughing, fertilizing soil, and breeding with Country Farming Simulator 3D!
Test your driving and farming skills with this amazing simulator in 3D! Work hard and harvest the richest crops you have ever seen, or make your hen produce a dozen of eggs in a single day! Feel the pride of a real farmer and get fun with Country Farming Simulator 3D!
Country Farming Simulator 3D features:Manage your own farm – be a stockbreeder and agriculturist at the same timeDrive heavy machines – tractors, harvesters, reaping machines, combines, farming tucks and otherDifferent agricultures to plant – wheat, rye, corn, hay and moreDifferent domestic animal to breed – hens, sheep, pigs and cowsSell crops, meat, milk, and eggs – earn money to make your farm prosperous and improve itFar rural area with amazing countryside views
Live in the far rural area and make your ecologically pure farm crops famous all over the world! Cultivate your own fields, breed fowl and cattle, and have fun playing Country Farming Simulator 3D!
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