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PurposeWith the app Check Car Engine PLUS you can anytime appreciate the real state of the engine oil and perform rapid diagnosis for diesel or gasoline engine:• take a suitable piece of paper;• put on it one drop of oil from the crankcase of warmed engine;• give a time to form oil spot;• select the appropriate lighting conditions;• take a picture of the spot within the Check Car Engine PLUS app.The application will:• process the captured image;• generate report on the status and health of the engine oil;• evaluate risks and state of the engine;• give practical advice on oil change and further steps.Practical useThere are classic cases where the oil-drop test, which is the only reliable and accessible source of information on the state of the engine oil, will be indispensable in practical situations or complements other testing or diagnosis.
Here are some of them:• monitoring the current state of the motor oil, and of need to replace it;• demonstration of the state of the engine when selling used car;• inspection of the state of the engine when buying used car;• verification of results of other types of engine inspection;• quality control of repairs of the engine;• search of latent defects of an engine not discoverable by other means;• preventive self-checks of state and work of the engine.
The Check Car Engine PLUS application will become your faithful and reliable assistant, which is capable to provide an unique and reliable information on the state of the engine of Your vehicle in any situation.
The application:• takes a snapshot of the formed spot of the oil-test;• analyzes the quality of the image and, if necessary, issues recommendations for changing the shooting conditions;• recognizes the oil-test image, and determines its type, borders and general properties;• performs detailed analysis of the oil-test, and reveals the presence and in the engine oil of mechanical impurities, water, and antifreeze;• assesses the degree of oxidation of engine oil, and the loss of its detergent-dispersant properties;• generates a report on the state of the engine oil, which provided an assessment of the properties of oil in relation to limit values and integral evaluation of the remaining resource;• assesses the state of the various subsystems of the engine failure, that can cause a change in the state and properties of engine oil;• evaluates the risks of exploitation of various subsystems of the engine due to the real condition of the engine oil;• estimates hard-usage of the vehicle affecting the wear the engine oil and the engine itself;• generates recommendations for oil change, engine diagnostics and repair;• assesses the possibility of further operation of the engine and provides a forecast of run prior to changing the oil, if the engine is working properly.
Features:• processing of oil-drop test for engine oil having mileage at least of 1000 km (600 miles);• possibility of processing of tests performed as at special, and at the arbitrary paper;• automatic recognition of the oil-tests of gasoline and diesel engines for the account of their specificity in the calculations;• use in natural or artificial light;• high degree of similarity of the results for devices with cameras of different quality and different technical standards;• sufficiently fast processing of the oil-tests on devices with limited performance;• built-in User Guide;• built-in database that stores completed tests;• editing information relating to the both new and stored tests.
Versions comparison, samples of real motor-oil tests, and additional information are on the application's site
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