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_1. about "Metrothm""Metrothm" is a high functionally, programmable metronome, running on android.You can input your beats into "Metrothm" easily. Practicing your instrument to match with those beats, "Metrothm" help you to learn the difficult beats.(Note:SD card in your smartphone's slot is needed.)
2.feature of "Metrothm"
(1) what "Metrothm" can, normal metronome can't.
・Metronome problems until nowHave you ever confused "notes' length" and "rhythm", during practicing the piano, the violin or the guitar ? Those confusions disturb your exercises, passing time without result.
(For example) Moonlight Sonata Movement 1. for piano by Beethoven, on the right hand triplets, dotted eighth notes play a melody, how about the practice of this part ?
(For example) for violin Kreutzer and so on, a case of melody in triplets, sixteenth notes and eighth notes followed by.
・What "Metrothm" realize.(a) I made "Metrothm" for the persons who have the same problems. By practicing the instrument to match the beats on "Metrothm", I supposed that you master the beats through your experience rather than the theory. And I also designed "Metrothm" to allow you to enter the beats which have the different lengths easily.(In fact, I myself, during practicing the minute waltz by Chopin, in the middle of the waltz, exercising the beats of the quarter notes on waltz, that quarter length is one quarter of one bar, tried to use the sequencer. Then I was able to practice that effectively. It was the same when I practiced the "moonlight sonata" by Beethoven.)
(b) In addition, to be able to monitor the performance, I equipped "Metrothm" with a recording function. (For recording from the microphone that comes with the smartphone, the sound came out one end from the speaker of the smartphone, I can not say the sound is good, a recorded clicking sound of the metronome is full of noise, but I thought it would be possible to monitor whether the performance is synchronized to the rhythm and the beats. However, in the case of using a earphones, it is impossible to record the click sound...)
(2) "Metrothm" functionality・You can use "Metrothm" as the normal metronome.・I made "Metrothm" to practice the rhythm of a few measures by repetition.・You can input the beats (for example notes on score, etc.) into "Metrothm". Using them, you can practice the rhythm.・You can record the practice on "Metrothm" with the smart-phone's microphone. So you can check the recorded practice.
*SD card in your smartphone's slot is needed.
(3) android permission of security"Metrothm" will never access to any personal information such as ID and address book on the smartphone."Metrothm" will never access to any network communication.(Note: For your browser on your smartphone, at "info"-"menu" of "Metrothm", I made a LINK-BUTTON which links up with "HELP" on WEB, however "Metrothm" will never access to any network communication.)
[necessary permission] (a) WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (such as SD card)"Metrothm" accesses to SD card to save/read the data of "Metrothm."Metrothm" creates the folder named "Metrothm" on the SD card, and access to this folder only.
(b) RECORD AUDIOTo be able to record audio. (c) WAKE_LOCKWakeLock permission is used so that the power saving function of the smartphone will not stop playing "Metrothm".(I considered that I made "Metrothm" as a background application, but I decided to cancel that idea because I did not want to create an application that ran where the user does not notice.)
(4) Metrothm_trial (trial version)Please use "Metrothm_trial (trial version)" at first, make sure the app works on your smartphone, and check the EULA(End-User License Agreement).Data between the trial version and the full version are not compatible.(except 3gp-files, sound recorded)
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