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SRS-Airbag Repair Guide (Automotive)(An Automotive SRS Repair Guide APP)This automotive SRS-Airbag Repair Guide contains four specific sections found nowhere else (in an APP) and at the tip of your fingers. These sections are manufacturer specific SRS-Airbag Operation, Airbag Component Location, SRS-Module (Pyrotechnic)Resistance Values and Resetting the SRS-Computer. This APP in conjunction with our SRS-Airbag Code Encyclopedia completes a full repair solution for automotive airbag systems.
WARNING: Do not EVER probe on an airbag with a multi-meter to make a resistance measurement. You run the chance of deploying the airbag and causing severe injury.
This SRS-Airbag Repair Guide APP contains the manufacturer specific resistance values for the SRS-Module (pyrotechnic device), both front and side airbag. SRS diagnostics are done by disconnecting the airbag, substituting a resistor in it's place and searching for codes and/or SRS light blinks (for most makes). In reality SRS repair requires little in way of equipment, but lots of knowledge. This APP gives you every piece of information needed to solve your issue.
It covers all Domestics and Asian vehicles up to 2011. The SRS resistance section is found nowhere else, period. We acquired the resistance value data by securing each manufacturer's airbag module in a rig and performing the measurements. In case of detonation the secured airbag posed no problems. This APP is an offshoot of our SRS-Airbag publications and PC software, only at a fraction of the cost.
Authored by Mandy Concepcion
Note: This APP runs fine on Android Phones and Tablets with large displays.
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